A method of attaching 100% human hair close to the scalp that it resembles, feels, and acts like your own. It gives fullness to thin flat hair, length whether a little or fantasy, low or hi lights and cover bald spots. When it comes to hair extensions, there are a variety of methods and techniques to choose from. 


Hot Fusion

(known as Great Lengths, Mega Hair, SoCap, Cinderella Hair, etc.) Thanks to celebrities such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and The Housewives of Orange County, hot fusion is probably one of the best known methods that is most talked about in the media. Keratin protein, polyester and plastic or other plastic mixes are pre-applied to tips of extension hair to be added. The tips are warmed and gently infused around small sections of natural hair. This method is long lasting.

Cold Fusion

(known as Hairlocs, Microlinks) this method is very similar in the look and feel of hot fusion, but perfect for the person who wants hair extensions but does not want heat, glue, sewing or braids. Hairlocs is unique hair extension system that combines the finest quality European hair with your natural hair in half the time of hot fusion. Unlike hot fusion, extension hair can be saved and reused.


We do French Lacing, Braided and Micro link tracks. Determining which technique to use is often an individual preference based upon a thorough consultation. The goal is always to have the track and attached hair extensions to look as natural and smooth to the touch without detection.