Q: Paying in Canadian Dollars 

I want to pay for my items in Canadian Funds. How can I do this?

A: You can select Certapay and pay via your bank in an email money transfer in Canadian funds. There is a currency calculator at the bottom of the website. You can also select "Send me a Paypal Invoice in Canadian Dollars". For this option you MUST have a paypal account. You don't require a paypal account to pay through the site in USD - this is because the website is integrated with Paypal. If an invoice is sent after, it does require. It's quick and easy to set up a paypal account. 

Q: Interac Email Money Transfers 
I am in Canada. How do I pay using Interac email money transfer?

A: Follow the steps below to send money using an Interac email money transfer

1. Indicate Interac Email Money Transfer as your payment method so we know to expect it.
2. Exchange the USD total to CAD using www.xe.com.
3. Go to your Canadian Online banking site. You must bank at a major Canadian bank to do this.
4. Login and look for Email Money Transfer in your online banking menu.
5. Send the money to sales@esteesboutique.com
6. Use your postal code as the "secret question" for the money transfer.

You will recieve a confirmation when received. We will also let you know that your order was paid for and will be processed. 

Q: Payment Methods 

What payment methods to you take?

A: We take all credit card and e-Check payments through PayPal. We also take Cashier's Cheques or Money Orders. Our Canadian buyers can also pay via the Interac network at www.certapay.com. 

Q: Synthetic Wig Fiber 
What fibers are your synthetic wigs made of?

A: All of our wigs are made from 100% Kanekalon fiber. Modacrylic fiber is the generic name for Kanekalon - they are essentially the same thing. Kanekalon is super soft and feels just like human hair.